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February 23, 2009

Aims For Tech Course

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My aims for the tech course as a physical education teacher are centred on using technology to improve my teaching rather than having students using a lot of technology, especially when our focus is to have them actually be as physically active as possible by encouraging them to balance and set limits on computer time. I am interested in students making podcasts to share their learning with families, and to demonstrate and make a ‘how to’ tutorial to teach skills they may have learnt. I am interested in blogging as a professional with other physical education teachers as a means to staying abreast of best practice teaching within my subject area.  I am aiming to understand what is available in terms of the various toolboxes for accessing and sharing information with other professionals. The idea of efficient use of computer time by the use of a reader such as netvibes and a blog is an immediate goal. The use of a wiki or blog to share ideas and resources with parents is a long term aim.


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