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February 23, 2009

Does Web 2.0 change teaching and learning.

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This is all new to me, didn’t even realise there was a Web 1.o – all these changes will impact the way we teach and the way we learn. The simple fact that anyone can broadcast news so readily, on any topic,  means that students have to be much more discerning readers than ever before. The whole concept of verifying what is a credible source and who is writing this information and for what purpose needs to be a conscious part of online behaviours – (writing as a parent here as well as a teacher. )

The ability to access and share and collaborate using technology changes teaching and learning in terms of content and peer and/or teacher support.  The skills needed today are not the traditional knowledge based skills of a generation ago where students typically rote learnt facts – as we can access any information about any subject at the push of a button. The skills are now those of how to efficiently access information, what is the information I need to access (as there is now so much information!) and who and how do I best colloborate with in the sharing and furthering of information now that geography and the tryanny of distance no longer exists!  

This is brief and only a starting point I imagine……


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