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February 23, 2009


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Okay I have added links and categories and now nothing is showing up on my site, yet still showing up in dashboard. It seems the learning curve is steeper than first expected. I am spending way too much time online already watching tutorials and becoming more confused. Maybe learning online does not suit everyone – or do I need to get t a certain level of autonomy to be able to navigate and learn independently online. I am really thinking out loud on the post so as to simply test out if I can actually successfully make a post!!

I hate all this inactivity of sitting at a computer screen, especially in the learning process when I seem to waste an hour and have still not made progress. This is time away from an already overloaded schedule of parenting, working and studying., where time is valuable and needs to be carefully balanced.

Maybe it flies in the face of my profession as a PE teacher where I spend my days encouraging parents and kids to turn off screens.  On screen activity is the most popluar activity our kids seem to do…but not the healthiest without the balance of physical activity.


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